Nicholas Pearson Associates

Geographical Information Systems /
GIS Software and Database Services

We can provide a full GIS software selection, implementation and customisation service.

Software selection - We have experience with a number of GIS packages and their application within the environmental consultancy area. This provides us with excellent knowledge to advise our clients which GIS software would be best for them.

Software implementation - We can help setup GIS software packages so that the software is ready to use and functioning correctly.

Software customisation (tools) – we can develop tools that enable some tasks to be automated or made much easier. These tools can save both time and money.

Software templates – We can develop templates to help produce consistent outputs from the GIS software

Database Design, Implementation and Maintenance – We understand ecological data and how all of the different datasets link together. We can help you determine what data you need to be collecting when compiling datasets for use in GIS. Using this experience we can design database structures to suit specific needs, implement these structures using a suitable database management system and then help to maintain the databases.