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"The EIA Quality Mark...a commitment to excellence."

Nicholas Pearson Associates is one of around 50 organisations throughout the UK to bear the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment's (IEMA) EIA Quality Mark.

Nicholas Pearson Associates was previously one of IEMA's Corporate EIA Registrants; an accreditation we held since 1997. We have since transitioned over to the EIA Quality Mark scheme.

The IEMA EIA Quality Mark allows us to demonstrate our dedication to quality practice in the co-ordination of Environmental Impact Assessments and production of Environmental Statements. In joining this scheme, we have volunteered to have this commitment independently verified by IEMA; an important step in improving EIA both within Nicholas Pearson Associates and across UK practice.

As an EIA Quality Mark Registrant, we have agreed to uphold the seven commitments to excellence:

  1. EIA Management - using effective project control and management processes to deliver quality in the EIA co-ordinated and Environmental Statements produced.
  2. EIA Team Capabilities - ensuring that all EIA staff have the opportunity to undertake regular and relevant continuing professional development.
  3. EIA Regulatory Compliance - delivering Environmental Statements that meet the requirements established within the appropriate UK EIA Regulations.
  4. EIA Context & Influence - ensuring that all EIA co-ordinated are effectively scoped and that they transparently indicate how the EIA process, and any consultation undertaken, influenced the development proposed and any alternatives considered.
  5. EIA Content - undertaking assessments that include a robust analysis of the relevant baseline, assessment and transparent evaluation of impact significance and an effective description of measures designed to monitor and manage significant effects.
  6. EIA Presentation - delivering Environmental Statements that set out environmental information in a transparent and understandable manner.
  7. Improving EIA practice - enhancing the profile of good quality EIA by working with IEMA to deliver a mutually agreed set of activities, on an annual basis, and by making appropriate examples of our work available to the wider EIA community.

These commitments and our presence on the EIA Quality Mark register send a strong message that the EIA profession is ready and able to manage and improve standards in practice across the UK.

To find out more about the EIA Quality Mark please contact Alison Carroll at our Bath office or visit

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