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South Wiltshire Core Strategy

Client:  Wiltshire Council (formerly Salisbury District Council)

Location: South Wiltshire

In 2008-09 we prepared the Habitats Regulations Assessment of the emerging Core Strategy for South Wiltshire (former Salisbury District) in line with the Habitats Directive and Regulations, including screening and Appropriate Assessment stage reports.  We also managed the Strategic Environmental Assessment / Sustainability Appraisal of the emerging Core Strategy in parallel. 

This work included a review of baseline conditions and potential effects of the developments being allocated in the Core Strategy, and close liaison with Wiltshire Council officers, Natural England and the Environment Agency to identify key impacts and ensure that appropriate mitigation measures were incorporated into the Core Strategy policies, in particular to avoid or mitigate adverse effects on the River Avon SAC, Salisbury Plain SAC/SPA, Porton Down SPA and New Forest SPA/SAC.