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Haydon Wick Flood Alleviation Scheme

Client: Royal Haskoning

Location: Swindon, Wiltshire

The Environment Agency is proposing to build flood defences to reduce the risk of flooding to over 100 homes and some commercial properties, in north Swindon, following short intense rain storms.  The main elements of the proposals comprise flood walls and embankments located along side the main watercourse and two tributaries to contain rising water levels through the length of the site.

Much of the watercourses banks are well vegetated with the site being constrained by adjacent housing and areas of public open space including an area of environmentally sensitive woodland.  It is almost wholly accessible along both banks via footpaths, cycleways and roads, such that the appearance of any flood defences is particularly important.

Nicholas Pearson Associates has been providing landscape architecture services to civil engineers Royal Haskoning (London and Peterborough offices) on behalf of the Environment Agency (Thames Region) on the planning and design of the Haydon Wick Flood Alleviation Scheme, Swindon since 2009. Our work has included varied inputs to the scheme design process and the planning of tree and shrub clearance to avoid the bird nesting season. To assist the design process and help explain the proposals we also prepared a number of visualisations. These have been used as part of a successful public consultation exercise and to support the planning application. Key issues related to the impacts of vegetation removal, proposed new flood walls and the effects of proposed planting. The construction works commenced in Summer 2011.