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Stoke sub Hamdon, Somerset

Client:  Duchy of Cornwall and Countryside Properties
             with Aaron Evans Architects

Location: Stoke sub Hamdon, Somerset

Stoke sub Hamdon is an attractive Somerset village largely built using the locally distinctive yellow Hamstone, sourced from the local hillside quarries. We acted as landscape architects initially to the Duchy of Cornwall in the promotion of the land for development, and then on behalf of Countryside Properties, the scheme developer.

Set in a Conservation Area, the scheme comprised mainly residential with some workshops creating local employment. Working with architects Aaron Evans Associates, great care and attention was paid to designing houses and landscape to fit with the grain of the village architecture. The scheme included a number of thatched houses and a 'manor house'. The landscape scheme had to ensure integration with the surrounding countryside, be sympathetic to the local character, and sit well with the architecture.

The scheme has been a great success and received many plaudits for its design and setting of high design standards.