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Bryn Titli Windfarm

Client: National Wind Power

Location: Powys, Wales

Many parts of Wales are suitable for windfarms due to the prevailing south-westerly winds from the Atlantic. The central upland plateaux of Powys on which Bryn Titli Windfarm is now situated  are no exception. Given that the site lies within the Wye Valley Special Landscape Area and adjacent to a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), an appreciation of the special landscape qualities of the region and a thorough understanding of the local ecology was essential.

We began by assessing and evaluating landscape character to determine the most appropriate location and layout to minimise visual impact of the 22 turbine windfarm, using computer generated ZVIs and wirelines based on digital terrain and turbine models. The visual arrangement of turbines on site was assessed from important viewpoints in the locality.

As well as a landscape assessment we carried out an ecological survey and impact appraisal with the objective of minimising the effect on the local ecosystems, especially the ground flora of blanket bog and heather moorland. Our landscape and ecological studies, together with a summary of local and national planning issues, formed part of an Environmental Statement submitted in support of the planning application. The proposals received planning consent and the site is now in operation.