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Castlefields Park, Calne

Client: North Wiltshire District Council/ Wiltshire Council Castlefields Canal and River Park Association (CARP)

Location: Calne, Wiltshire

We have provided services to North Wiltshire District Council, (now to Wiltshire Council), to produce a landscape vision plan for the Marden Valley, west of Calne, Wiltshire.  This included working with the Council and a community group, the Castlefields Canal and River Park (CARP) Association. We prepared designs for the rejuvenation of the Castlefields public park located in the river valley next to the town centre: this comprised a series of phased individual projects which would gradually work towards realising the wider vision of the community.

Initially, we produced a detailed design and costings for a small pocket park which won grant funding and kick-started the project implementation.  This was successfully implemented using a combination of contract labour and community involvement.

Later in 2007 CARP successfully made a bid for more ambitious funding from the Peoples Millions Big Lottery Fund. We were appointed to take this forward to completion. The project involved the design of a masterplan for the rejuvenation of the main area of the public Castlefields Park, followed by preparing all necessary details and contract information, the letting of a tender and subsequent contract administration during construction.  The details of the scheme included paths, railings, fencing, street furniture, and drainage. 

In 2009 the project was successfully completed on time and in budget and the park now provides a major improved local facility for the town - we are currently providing further design services for the next phase of the project, the restoration of the canal lock in the park.