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North East Daventry Development

Client: Croudace Homes

Team consultants include: 
Stuart Michael Associates - Transportation, Drainage, Services
Charles Planning Associates - Planning, Socio-Economic Effects
John Samuels Archaeological Consultants - Archaeology 
Soil and Land Consultants - Soils and Agriculture

Location: Daventry, Northamptonshire

Croudace Homes is promoting a 224 hectare greenfield site at the north eastern edge of Daventry town, Northamptonshire, for major residential and mixed use development with supporting transport, community and green infrastructure.  The site comprises predominantly arable land, a network of hedgerows and a small area of woodland, lies adjacent to Daventry Reservoir and Country Park, the Grand Union Canal, and close to Borough Hill ancient monument and the village of Norton.  
We were appointed to prepare a Master Plan and Environmental Statement (ES) to accompany the outline planning application, in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 1999.  We consulted widely on the scope of the EIA by preparing an EIA Scoping Report, undertook the landscape and visual impact assessment, and undertook and coordinated extensive ecological surveys including for all habitats, hedgerows, field margins, amphibians, reptiles, breeding birds, bats and other fauna, and wintering waterbirds at Daventry Reservoir (a County Wildlife Site), to inform the master plan and the assessment of likely ecological impacts.  

The assessments were used in an iterative way to inform the nature and extent of development and a master plan framework for the outline planning application.  The master plan includes a network of green infrastructure, including retention and management of existing features and habitats, new sustainable drainage features, public open spaces, footpaths and cycle routes.  Opportunities for enhancements to the adjacent Country Park were also proposed.