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Crystal Palace ES Review

Client: London Borough of Bromley

Location: Crystal Palace, London

The development of Crystal Palace Park, proposed in the 1990s, resulted in landmark case law for projects that required environmental impact assessment. (London Borough of Bromley v Barker) A new proposal from the London Development Agency in 2008, which was accompanied by an Environmental Statement, was therefore approached with caution and we were appointed by the Council to review the ES and to confirm that it complied with the requirements of the Regulations - we were also asked to suggest what planning conditions might be applied if the Council were to grant permission, such that the mitigation proposed in the ES could be assured.

Our advice was included in the Officers’ report to the Council’s Planning Committee which resolved to grant outline planning permission, Conservation Area Consent and Listed Building Consent for the LDA park proposals. Subsequently the Secretary of State “called in” the applications for Central Government to make the final decision and after a Public Inquiry in 2009, he approved the plans in 2010.