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DECC Nuclear National Policy Statement

As part of a team led by MWH and Enfusion, we were engaged by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to assess the environmental implications of the emerging National Policy Statement (NPS) for new Nuclear Power Generation in the UK, which was to identify sites considered potentially suitable for new nuclear power stations, and consider alternative sites.

Our work on the Appraisal of Sustainability (AoS, including Strategic Environmental Assessment) involved assessment of the potential ecological, landscape and heritage effects of developing each of the sites. In line with the Habitats Directive, we undertook strategic Habitats Regulations Assessments (HRA) in consultation with Natural England and CCW, of the likely effects of the potential developments on Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas and Ramsar sites, as required by the Habitats Directive.  We prepared HRA reports for each nominated and alternative site, as well as contributing to the 'main' AoS and HRA reports for the draft NPS. We also coordinated initial full AoS reports for a number of sites.  

The Government published the Draft NPS in November 2009, and we supported the project team in relation to responses arising from the consultation, and updated the assessments where necessary. In October 2010, the Government published a revised draft Nuclear NPS, with revised AoS and HRA reports, for consultation until January 2011.
Our work has been vital in ensuring that the environmental and ecological implications of the NPS have been fully considered and taken account of in decision-making to date on these potential nationally significant infrastructure projects.