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Bovington Camp

Client: Defence Estates

Team included: White Young Green

Location: Bovington, Dorset

Bovington Camp is an army base in Dorset where military training has been taking place since 1916; it became the home of the Royal Armoured Corps in 1947.

The camp is a fully functioning barracks town, including school buildings and service family accommodation. It includes Bovington Training area, an area of forest and heathland which is used for training exercises. The area is used for tank driver training both on and off road and for vehicle maintenance and repair.

Due to the Army's conservation policies much of the site's 2100 acres is designated as an SSSI (Turner's Puddle Heath) and is typical Dorset heath with protected species (Smooth Snake, Sand Lizard, an assemblage of rare and scarce plants and heathland invertebrates). Woodlark, nightjar and Dartford Warbler are present and the site is one of the largest continuous tracts of heathland - but has been fragmented by forestry plantation and military activity. We were commissioned to undertake an environmental assessment of a proposed new tank park, refuelling area and instruction units all of which were proposed adjacent to the SSSI and SAC Dorset heathland. 

The design team prepared a scheme that delivered the requirements for training but improved pollution control as well as enhancing the habitat of the heathland. The key management objectives to restore areas to good quality open heathland and to diversify the vegetation structure of the existing heath were approved by Natural England and the scheme was granted planning consent.