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Bovey Tracey

Client: Sibelco UK

Location: Bovey Basin, Devon

Sibelco UK is the country's key provider of Ball Clay with an extensive network of quarrying and processing works in the Bovey Basin, Devon, stretching from Newton Abbot to Bovey Tracey, close to Dartmoor National Park.

We have provided landscape services to Sibelco over many years for their Devon sites including: assisting in preparation of planning applications for developments in their worked out quarries; preparing landscape chapters to ROMPs; preparation of restoration plans; gaining waste tip extension and pond planning permissions; new road proposals.

As part of their future mineral extraction planning process, Sibelco required a landscape assessment of a potential ball clay quarrying site near to Bovey Tracey. The site comprises agricultural land divided by hedgerows with ditches and trees, woodland, and old ponds.

We undertook a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) of the site including from local residential areas, hills and from Dartmoor National Park. The degree of visibility was assessed to understand the most critical areas to be retained or subject to future screening measures and to identify the less visually sensitive areas for potential future mineral extraction. Vehicular access points were identified and liaison with an ecologist over potential wildlife impacts undertaken.

A report was produced with a series of proposed phasing for the future quarrying and introduction of advance screening landform and planting. Location of spoil heaps and future restoration was also proposed. Consideration was given to the how the existing farming operations could continue until future quarrying operations were carried out. The impact on drainage ditches was also reviewed.