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Priory Vale, Swindon

Client: North Swindon Development Company; Crest, Westbury, Wimpey, Bryant, Asda, Bloors

Location: Swindon, Wiltshire

Priory Vale is a 260 hectare greenfield site on the northern edge of Swindon, one of the largest such major mixed use developments in Europe. The scheme includes provision for circa 5,000+ new homes, four primary schools, a secondary school and a district and village centre.   A network of public open spaces, together with road, cycle and pedestrian routes, provide a high level of accessibility throughout the site.

We have had an ongoing role as landscape and environmental consultants on this project for over 20 years, working closely with the consortium client and the team consultants. The main project objective is the design of a high quality development and associated landscape informed by environmental considerations. We continue to assist in the realisation of these important design components.

We undertook both the landscape and ecological impact assessments, and were also involved in the commissioning of archaeological studies. These assessments were used in the development of the initial scheme masterplan and the associated Environmental Statement.

Over 15 miles of hedgerows were surveyed, land uses recorded and a detailed landscape quality assessment undertaken. Landscape design proposals were then made in respect of the Masterplan. The Ecology Assessment involved detailed site surveys of flora and fauna and existing data collected. As a result, it became apparent that the parts of the site had significant wildlife value and a SSSI was subsequently identified.

A continuing iterative involvement has taken place in the further development of the Masterplan and Framework Plans as part of the planning and construction process. This has included a Public Open Space Strategy, a site wide Landscape Strategy, a Landscape Maintenance Strategy, and Ecological design advice.