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Existing view of River Jordan
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River Jordan, Preston, Flood Resilience

Client: The Environment Agency

Location: Weymouth, Dorset

The River Jordan project involved improving the flood resilience for a local community in Preston, near Weymouth.

We have been involved from concept design stage in this project working in close collaboration with Royal Haskoning, lead engineers and their contractors.  

This location is a particularly tightly confined river catchment in a designated urban landscape context. The shortage of space and sensitivity of the surrounding built and landscape context posed significant engineering design challenges.

Specific contributions provided by us to the design team included advice and guidance on:

  •  landscape character implications, effects on visual amenity (often a highly contentious issue at a local level) and identification of initial arboricultural constraints and opportunities;
  • how the scheme design should address the sensitive planning policy issues associated within a designated landscape and heritage context, including specifically an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Conservation Area;
  • the Environmental Action Plan, CEMP and identification of Landscape Protection Zones;
  • provision of distinctive hard material finishes including wall bonding patterns, copings and materials;

We were also able to add value to the project by:

  • identifying and addressing key material considerations for planning, related to landscape character, visual amenity and arboricultural matters; 
  • providing attention to detail in the finishes of walling and hard landscape elements and the imaginative incorporation of soft landscape elements to sensitively integrate the engineering design changes; 
  • incorporating landscape elements that deliver a multitude of benefits: amenity, nature conservation and recreation in a addition to improving flood resilience, to maximize value and environmental gain where space was at a premium. 
  • encouraging early consideration of  the important issues such as landscape maintenance and management in the consideration of design options.