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Sahara Landfill Site

Client: Sahara (Melksham) Ltd

Location: Melksham, Wiltshire

The client proposed to extend the landfill operations and undertake subsequent phased restoration works and required Protected Species legislation advice, especially with regard to a significant population of Great Crested Newts (a European Protected Species)

Nicholas Pearson Associates, in consultation with Natural England undertook a detailed assessment of the site and produced a Department of Environment Foods and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) licence application.  

The application detailed the surveys and assessment work undertaken and set out a method statement to translocate Great Crested Newts and provide mitigation for loss of aquatic and terrestrial habitat.  An area of  2.7 hectares of aquatic and terrestrial habitat was initially created, and following completion of the restoration works, an additional 5 hectares of terrestrial habitat will be provided providing considerable overall enhancement.  The mitigation works undertaken on site included re-profiling and planting of existing and newly created ponds, restoration of terrestrial habitat and construction of hibernacula within the receptor area on site.  

On completion of the translocation a total of 237 Great Crested Newts had been translocated and a 4 year monitoring programme has been initiated. The results of the first years monitoring were extremely positive with counts representing a medium population of Great Crested Newts at one of the ponds within the receptor area.