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The preparation and use of visualisations is a powerful tool for projects at a number of stages during the development process. The type of images we prepare will depend on its required use and can vary from simple computer generated 3D block models to the highest quality photorealistic montage.

We have two different approaches to our visualisations;

  • Photomontage/Computer Generated Image (CGI) A Photomontage or Computer Generated Image can be produced, more as an artist¹s impression to portray a concept design with the desired ambience.These can either be based upon a 3D model or involve a large amount of 2D photo manipulation.
  • Visually Verifiable Montage (VVM)  A Visually Verifiable Montage is based upon an accurate 3D model shown in the context of an existing photograph. The image is compiled using data which can be used to "verify" the accuracy i.e. it is creating an accurate vision of the final project.


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