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Client: Sir Ferrers Vyvyan

Location: Trelowarren, Mawgan, Helston, Cornwall

Awards: 2006 - Green Energy Award (Best Renewable Energy Scheme) Highly Commended.
Cornwall Sustainability Awards (CSA) - (Best Medium sized Business) Highly Commended.
2007 - RICS South West Awards - Winner of the Sustainability category.
2008 - The Times Winner - Best Place to Stay 2008.
2009 - CSA - Winner of Low Carbon Business category.

The Trelowarren estate, on the Lizard peninsula, is leading the way with sustainable, green tourism guided by the genius loci.

We prepared a landscape survey and long term management plan for this historic estate which has been in the ownership of the Vyvyan family since the fourteenth century. The study focused on the restoration of the previously unrecognised mid eighteenth century formal pleasure gardens and identified opportunities for integrating improved visitor facilities with the conservation of the historic estate. The historic landscape was registered by English Heritage as a result of the study, and restoration works are being implemented under Stewardship, with gardens open to the public as a visitor attraction.

Subsequently, we helped the estate secure planning consent for the replacement of a caravan site by exemplary, award-winning eco-timeshare accommodation, enhancing the landscape, sustainability and viability of the estate. In addition to the eco-cottages developed in the historic orchard area, two historic walled gardens have been redeveloped, the first as an all-weather tennis-court and the second, as the main reception area and swimming-pool. Future plans include a gym, steam-room, sauna, hot-tub and Jacuzzi.

Eco-design can be found throughout Trelowarren, from the district heating system fuelled by a single bio-mass boiler which heats the houses and swimming pool, right through to the selection of the materials used in the construction of the cottages and leisure facilities.