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Highways Agency Area 2

Highways Agency Area 2 Enhanced Managing Agents Contract (EMAC)

Client: Balfour Beatty Mott McDonald (formerly InterRoute)

BBMM (formerly InterRoute(IR)) are the Managing Agents for the Area 2 Enhanced Managing Agents Contract (EMAC) framework, working to maintain and improve the trunk road network on behalf of the Highways Agency. We have  provided support to the Area 2 Environment Team throughout the 6 year contract period, initially working on the due diligence review and contract set-up, followed by landscape and ecological advice on IR processes, environmental scheme design and assessment, protected species legislation, GIS and Environmental database support (ENVIS). 

Area 2 extends through Wiltshire, north through Gloucestershire and  the south-west to Devon. We provided Environmental Co-ordinators, liaising closely with IR engineers, preparing Constraints Analysis Reports, Design Environmental Assessments and advising on environmental issues which need to be taken into account in the design, construction and operational phases for both maintenance and improvement schemes. We provided protected species advise, obtained protected species licenses for works, provided licence holders for monitoring and advised on all environmental aspects of the EMAC Contract. This involved a number of staff being seconded to the Area 2 offices in Bristol to work alongside the resident team. 
We also provided GIS and Environmental database support to the Area 3 and 4 teams.