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Park and Ride, Petersfinger, Salisbury

Client: Wiltshire County Council / Salisbury District Council

Location: Petersfinger, Salisbury

Salisbury Joint Transportation Team (SJTT), a partnership between Wiltshire County Council and (the former) Salisbury District Council, was responsible for delivering the Salisbury Transport Strategy. The Transportation Strategy for the wider Salisbury urban area aims to limit traffic growth in the city. Part of this Strategy was to deliver 5 park and ride schemes to serve all the major approaches to the city. The last two of these schemes were at Bishopdown (A30 London Road Park and Ride) and at Petersfinger (A36 Petersfinger Park and Ride).

The Petersfinger site was allocated in the Salisbury District Council Adopted Local Plan for a park and ride scheme, in accordance with the Government Office for the South West (GOSW) sponsored Salisbury Transport Strategy.

We worked with Mouchel to the SJTT, to deliver these two schemes. At London Road we provided ecological advice and carried out an intensive reptile translocation exercise, bat surveys and nesting bird survey. We also supported Mouchel during the construction period, in particular monitoring the Contractors Environmental Management Plan.

For Petersfinger Park and Ride, we were part of the design team from the early stage of the project. We were closely involved in the development of the site layout, to ensure environmental issues were addressed fully throughout. We were involved in public consultation, and presentation to Salisbury Design Panel, as well as liaising with statutory consultees and the planning authority. We prepared supporting documentation for the planning submission in the form of design drawings, Design Statement and we co-ordinated the preparation of and contributed to the Environmental Statement.

The scheme was granted planning permission and the development was opened in 2010.