Nicholas Pearson Associates

Ecology & Biodiversity /
Detailed Botanical Surveys

Correct identification of vegetation communities and their associated plants is essential when trying to determine if habitats on a site are of particular value for biodiversity.

Our experienced botanical surveyors have undertaken a large number of surveys within a wide variety of habitats including urban, woodland, grassland, heathland, farmland and wetland environments.

We frequently use the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) system, a standardised system which can be used to assess habitat quality, monitor changes in vegetation over time and inform site management.

We are also able to offer the following:

  • Surveys for rare/ notable plant species;
  • Ancient woodland indicator plant surveys;
  • River Corridor and aquatic plant surveys;
  • Invasive plant surveys (e.g. for Schedule 9 invasive plants);
  • Hedgerow surveys to determine if hedgerows are important under the Hedge Regulations;
  • Condition Assessment Monitoring on Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s)