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Habitat Design and Mitigation

Habitat design and creation schemes can serve a number of different purposes, including compensation for habitats that are to be affected as a result of development proposals but also to further the conservation of habitats that are under threat.

The focus of government policy has increasingly shifted to preserving and enhancing biodiversity and seeking to secure gains for wildlife, as part of Green Infrastructure, wherever possible within development proposals. Through the incorporation of declining habitats into the design, schemes can directly contribute towards targets in both local and national Biodiversity Action Plans.

As a multidisciplinary company we can offer an integrated design service where ecologists and landscape architects work together to provide innovative designs for wildlife habitat.

We have the skills and resources to carry out feasibility studies and surveys as well as prepare concept and detailed designs (using CAD and GIS) and construction plans and detailed specifications.

We can also offer contract administration and supervision and provide management plans and advice.

Where required we can also coordinate topographical and bathymetric surveys, water and soil surveys to inform our work.