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Protected Species Surveys and Advice

There are certain species which occur in the UK which are given legal protection under both national and European legislation. In addition there are many ‘notable’ species of conservation concern such as those listed within the UK Biodiversity Action Plan which are a material consideration when it comes to determining a planning application.

In the context of development it is very important to determine as early as possible if a protected/notable species is occurring on a site so that legislative requirements are met, associated risks are avoided and also to ensure compliance with planning policy. Consideration of protected/notable species early on in the development process will help you to avoid delays and unexpected financial costs. We are able to offer a comprehensive range of protected/notable species surveys, including, amongst others, those listed below:

  • Badgers
  • Bats
  • Dormice
  • Great Crested Newts and other amphibians
  • Otters
  • Water Voles
  • Invertebrates including White-clawed Crayfish
  • Birds including Barn Owls and other raptors
  • Reptiles
  • Brown Hares
  • Red Squirrels
  • Protected/notable plant species

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As well as undertaking surveys our team of experienced ecologists are also able to offer you advice on the implications of a protected/notable species being present on your site, can help to devise appropriate mitigation and to secure any licences and can provide on site supervision during construction. We are also able to offer advice on how to incorporate enhancements on your site for the benefit of protected and notable species which will be looked on favourably during the consideration of a planning application.