Nicholas Pearson Associates

Landscape Architecture /
Landscape Planning and Masterplanning

A sensitive approach to the integration of proposed development into the existing urban fabric and landscape context is we consider a pre-requisite for the success of a project.  This includes the delivery of a high quality end product. Such an approach will seek to maximise the use of the existing site assets and resources as a basis for design proposals to emerge.

We are experienced in contributing to the overall urban design masterplanning process from the strategic framework to local level. We have been delivering Green Infrastructure as part of our projects for many years, and from our breadth of experience can advise on existing features and proposed elements to inform the development process.

Using a suite of appraisal techniques and our multi-disciplinary skills we can develop a thorough understanding of the project environment to inform, guide and shape design development as a whole.

Through this approach we are able to demonstrate how strategic proposals can meet planning and legislative policy to achieve necessary consents and a robust deliverable framework to facilitate and guide design development.