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Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments

“Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) is a separate but closely linked process that operates within the overall framework of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs). It specifically aims to ensure that all possible effects of change and development both on the landscape itself and on views and visual amenity are taken into account in decision-making.”  Landscape Institute

LVIAs are often required as part of the statutory planning process to clearly set out and explain the effects of a development upon the existing landscape or townscape character and the appearance of such changes in terms of effects on visual amenity. In many cases this process can greatly assist in achieving environmentally sensitive development.   LVIAs are prepared as part of EIAs or as standalone reports.

We use a range of assessment methodologies, for varied development types and scales, and in a variety of context and locations. The methodology selected will depend on the type and complexity of the development and on the basis of consultation with the planning authority.

The process comprises desk studies and site surveys to establish baseline conditions with the impacts of development proposals assessed against established criteria. The impact assessment is an iterative process as proposals are modified and adapted to accommodate design and mitigation recommendations.